beauty soaps

Dada Beauty Soaps are ornamental soaps inspired by Zanzibar door patterns. Made with palm oil and caring oils such as sunflower, sweet almond, macadamia, olive, baobab, or coconut oil, they remoisturize with a superfat factor of 5% to 8%. Ground herbs, spices, cocoa, coffee, seaweed or sea salt, and natural essential oils, featuring island scents such as clove, cinnamon, sweet basil, lemongrass, and eucalyptus give the soaps wonderful textures and leave the skin clean and gently scented.

bibi soaps contact sheet

11 Responses to “beauty soaps”

  1. Wavinya Says:

    Ningependa sana kupata sabuni zenu huku Nairobi. Inawezekanaje?

  2. Phumla Says:

    Do you export to countries like South Africa?

  3. Denise Stuckey Says:

    I am in the UK ..can I order some soaps please?

  4. Damon Says:

    I come from the USA, I would really enjoy buying some of your soaps 🙂

  5. Gabriela Says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I’m in Matemwe until Monday is there any chance that I could buy some of your products?
    Kind regards,

  6. Ethlin Barnes-Carn Says:

    Where can we buy your products from

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