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Thermal Solar Cooker

October 17, 2020

Thermal solar cookers use the sun’s rays and focus them on a black pot placed in the middle. They are especially convenient for the production of food or crafts with high energy inputs, such as the cooking of pulses or the dyeing of palm leaves.

plant a tree – and sing the Permaculture ABC

October 8, 2020

The #permaculture ABC
first plant a tree
then one two three
the birds the bees and you and me
we can not live without a tree

we care for Mother Earth
we care for people
and we share
we follow Mother Nature
and live happy everywhere

Earth care. People care. Fair share. Future care.

covid-19: Soap for the Producers

April 12, 2020

DADAZanzibar food&cosmetics cooperative ‘Upishi Mama Matemwe’:
Last production before shut down was 2.5 kg soap for each of the 48 members of the cooperative, to use at home due to the corona crisis.

Dada Permaculture in Matemwe

October 3, 2019

Three more (!) people from Matemwe, Zanzibar finished a two week long Permaculture course at Practical Permaculture Institute Zanzibar, PPIZ .
And continued… attending a two week follow-up workshop, for practical implementation of regenerative agriculture on location.
The seminar was held in Matemwe at DadaZanzibar by teachers John and Antje. Attendants were certified Permaculture students, the Dada cooperatives and interested villagers.

Thank you so much PPIZ team, for your continuous support of Dada Permaculture in Matemwe!

Permaculture lecture with teacher John. Attendants are certified permaculture students, DadaZanzibar cooperatives and interested villagers. — at Matemwe.

Teacher John lecturing about compost.

Teacher John demonstrates compost making.

Accessing coral rag farming grounds in the villages.  Matemwe, Zanzibar.


Climate Catastrophe

September 28, 2019

DadaZanzibar works up on the Matemwe ridge in regenerative agriculture following permaculture principles. We are learning to adept to the challenge of climate catastrophe, develop strategies for foodsecurity once the beach dwellers will have to relocate.

@UtupoaUpepo wrote:
“This Zanzibar community will be among the first to pay for the polluting profligacy of other nations. Homes will be uprooted, fish stocks depleted and entire ecosystems collapsing. No words can can describe the injustice.”…/climate-change-oceans-united-nati…


UKILI – The Art of Plaiting in Zanzibar

February 27, 2018
published 2006
written by Antje Förstle, founder of  DADA Zanzibar and MOTO Zanzibar
” This book is the result of several years effort
developing skills for products from a typical
Zanzibari craft aimed at an international high
These efforts match with the long-term
vision of the Department of Commercial Crops,
Fruits and Forestry (DCCFF) and that of MOTO
Cooperatives Network, which seek balancing
the need for poverty reduction at household level
and the sustainable utilisation of the natural resources.
Using materials illustrated in this book
MOTO has reaffirmed how the Wild Date Palm
(Phoenix reclinata) can best be used to produce
an environmentally friendly craft, the ukili,
particularly when prepared using solar energy.
Through these and the mobilisation of women
groups by DCCFFa large number of households
around Jozani-Chwaka Bay National Park
are now benefiting from the increasing demand
of the ukili products in Zanzibar Stone Town
and overseas.
woman plaiting gombe zugu
Apparently, there is very little reference to this
craft, and the realisation of this book is the
testimony to the wealth of skills among the
women of Zanzibar.
Undoubtedly, the book shall provide
a good reference to some of the superb
plaiting patterns, which otherwise were consid-
ered non-existing in the coastal areas of Tanzania.
Over the last five years I have witnessed the
improvement of ukili products and designs to
which the author of this book, Antje Förstle,
has put personal initiatives. I would like to take
this opportunity to express my gratitude to her.
Now that the finest ukili patterns of the
Tanzanian coast have been documented, let’s
make the best use of it! “
Director– Department of Commercial Crops,
Fruits and Forestry, Zanzibar.
snake mat Znz head
old men baraza jamvi
kilindoni duka Halima Makame
car repair kikapu on head
women plaiting on cupboard
woman mkoba Chwaka
” … By sponsoring this book ‘Ukili Plaiting in
Zanzibar’ the Embassy has broken new ground:
that of documenting a threatened cultural
The decision to support Antje Förstle’s
project idea was easy, thanks to her convincing
concept and catching enthusiasm. During
her research, it quickly became obvious that
a preoccupation with the ‘ukili’ plaiting craft
of the Swahili, which is in danger of being lost,
can last years and that the findings can fill
volumes, especially as ‘ukili’ has barely been
documented up to-date.
Antje mat museum
With this book, you hold the results of a year’s
committed research combined with numerous
journeys along the Tanzanian Swahili coast
and to the islands of Unguja, Pemba and Mafia,
as well as visits to the museum archives and
libraries in Munich and London.
May the book awaken in you the wish to experience for
yourself the ‘ukili’ diversity of colours and patterns
in Tanzania. By purchasing this book, you have
already rendered a contribution to the conservation
of this craft as the entire proceeds will go
towards the conservation and continued mediation
of old plaiting techniques, which are unfortunately
threatened by extinction.”
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany
Dar es Salaam

The book ‘UKILI Plaiting in Zanzibar’ is available at the MOTO and DADA shop, Hurumzi Street 416, Stonetown, Zanzibar

Interested? But not in Zanzibar? Please send a mail to:

DADA network: energy efficient stoves

October 25, 2017

DadaZanzibar Clay Stove

Come and cook with DADA

August 14, 2017

Visit us and experience Zanzibar cooking culture in Matemwe hands-on!
Come and Cook with us!

Guided and supervised by women from Matemwe village, you can join the Dada cooperatives and get active! You can learn to cook a traditional Zanzibar sauce based on tomato, cassava leaves and freshly grated coconut, or prepare baobab fruits growing on magnificent trees on the Matemwe ridge and turn them into delicious and healthy baobab jam.  Additionally, you can make date balls (coconut or baobab), or banana crisps.
After cooking and packaging you can take home your own products.
One group at a time should not exceed 6 people.
Cooking time: 11 am to 2 pm
Visits and participation by appointment only.
+255 (0) 773 86 99 04

dada cook with us 17cook with Dada 17

Dada today: rejuvenating Bath Salt with eucalyptus and seaweed

July 25, 2016

Dada Bath Salt bath salt f bath salt fatima bath salt

Dada shop keepers meet Dada coop production leaders

October 2, 2015


To boost the knowledge of the cooperative leaders and the sales women about natural high quality of food and cosmetics, we started vocational training whenever production schedules allows.
We expect the coop leaders to share a large part of the information with all members in production routines.
The shop keepers should gain more confidence and expertise in communicating with customers.