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Dada’s Super Pasta

July 11, 2013

delivered today:
at MIGOZ SUPER-MARKET (Airport Rd., Zanzibar)
tagliatelle classic,
tagliatelle beetroot,
tagliatelle carrot and tagliatelle spinach

Ethical shopping in Zanzibar by

January 30, 2013

Ethical shopping in Zanzibar –

article by My Destination Tanzania

Nestled in a small clearing in the middle of Zanzibar’s lush northern forest, a gaggle of women sit in a shaded porch, talking and laughing. The vibrant greenery surrounding their brightly patterned kangas frames a picture of an idyllic Saturday morning spent making arts, crafts and goods with friends.

I’m feeling a bit intimidated as I walk up – I’m interrupting the work day for the sake of learning a little more about the Dada women’s cooperative, its products and its participants. The women are shy at first, not wanting their pictures taken, but quickly warm to me and my companions. Within a few moments, we’re grating soap, rolling out pasta, and smashing cinnamon bark into dust in a giant pestle and mortar …

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January 14, 2013

Dada Jam Session2013

Karibu my shop – looking is free! Dada/Moto Hurumzi Str. 416, Stone Town, Zanzibar

October 6, 2012