Dada’s philosophy of natural beauty

Dada – Mother Nature’s Sisters

Natural Beauty

made in Zanzibar

The Zanzibar islands are full of riches: the lush plantations, the local coral bush, the beaches and the sea, which generously provide us with the majority of the active ingredients of our natural cosmetics.

We at Dada combine indigenous and traditional knowledge, and strive to use wisely what our natural environment has to offer.

We obtain what we need from African tamarind and baobab trees by wild harvest. Neem, guava, moringa and soap nut trees were introduced a long time ago, and are thriving under the harsh conditions on coral rock. Lemongrass and aloe vera are grown in small cultivations, irrigated with water from rain harvest only.

The near-by beach provides us with the beautiful fine-grain white sand for our scrubs, and from the sea we harvest salt and seaweed, the latter cultivated by women of our village.

Our carrier and caring oils are supplied by small scale businesses or projects in Zanzibar and Tanzania, and in the near future we hope to make our own.

Dada cosmetics contain no artificial thickeners, emulsifiers or preservatives, as they are known to cause allergies and rashes. And of course we refrain from using any animal parts.

We try to avoid unnecessary imported packaging material and use recycled bottles and jars as much as possible to minimize rubbish on our beautiful islands and to limit our carbon footprint.

6 Responses to “Dada’s philosophy of natural beauty”

  1. sharlotta Says:

    how can i get your products if am in nairobj?

  2. Eunice Mwikali Says:

    Hello your work is so beautiful I’m in Nairobi.Can I come to Zanzibar you train me to make natural soap. Thanks

  3. Marena Says:


    Zanzibar is a beautiful city full of natural resources. I heard about your products, alas I came Sunday and you were closed and now I leave your island to return home in France.

    I wanted to know if you produce a scrub for face and body, and if so, there was a possibility to order on the internet.

    thank you

    O. Marena

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