DADA project description

Wholesome Food and eCosmetics – made in zanzibar

‘Dada’ in Swahili means sister and is a term that is used for addressing an

elder sister or another woman respectfully.

Dada is a new project by set up as a socially responsible

business network with women in the rural north of Unguja island.

Dada is creating job opportunities by providing the women with training

in food processing suchas drying fruit and spices, cooking jams, condiments

and snacks and baking breads and pastries as well as soaps and marketing

their products locally and nationally.

artisan production and product availability

Dada is a brand that stands for quality, integrity and originality of food stuff

made in Zanzibar.

Our range of handmade jams and mustards, cereals, snacks, pastries,

sweets as well as the dried fruits and roll‐ups have been made with great

care and attention to detail.

Generally our products are made in small quantities to guarantee their quality

and freshness.

Furthermore, the majority of our raw materials – mainly fruit and vegetables – are

seasonal and cannot be available all the time. Please inquire about making an

order if you are wishing to purchase larger quantities.

environment and renewable energies

As far as possible we practise good environmental policies across all our

business activities contributing to less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Whenever weather conditions permit, solar cookers and solar ovens are used

to cook and fry. Solar dryers are used to dry fruit and spices.

During times of less favourite weather we prepare our products on specially made

firewood saving stoves using wood from local plantations.

We purchase our ingredients from local quality wholesalers and fruit and vegetables

are sourced from small scale farmers in the area.

Whenever possible we use organically farmed produce.

Dada products

dada postcard

Dada at Matemwe, Zanzibar  – a video by

3 Responses to “DADA project description”

  1. laura price Says:

    i am really interested about using your product in the hotel i work at. what a fantastic project you have going on. if i could come down and meet with you, that would be fantastic. reach me by e mail or on my mobile: 0773093370 thank you for your time.

  2. Dr Peter Dwyer Says:

    Hi we are currently in Matemwe for a few nights. Is it possible to visit Dada?

    • dadazanzibar Says:

      dear Mr. Dwyer
      sorry for the late reply
      we were drowning in rain here at Matemwe. there was no communication and no production. but thank you for your interest. maybe some other, dryer times.
      the Dada team

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