plant a tree – and sing the Permaculture ABC

October 8, 2020

The #permaculture ABC
first plant a tree
then one two three
the birds the bees and you and me
we can not live without a tree

we care for Mother Earth
we care for people
and we share
we follow Mother Nature
and live happy everywhere

Earth care. People care. Fair share. Future care.

Happy Customer with Dada’s assorted feta-cheese-flower-bread-leaf-plate

October 6, 2020

Dada Zanzibar at KwetuKwenu Market in Fumba

October 5, 2020

Fumba Town have started an initiative to promote local farmers and producers of foodstuff on their premises. The KwetuKwenu Market is scheduled for every first Saturday of the month.
We are regarding this as an opportunity to connect to buyers from all over the islands, either hospitality businesses who will use Dada products for their operations, or retailers of supermarkets who will market Dada products on their shelves.

Dada products on display

Bi Kesha at Zanzibar Farmers Market

September 6, 2020

‘seeds of tao’ podcast: An Invitation to Permaculture for and by the youth with Lulu

August 18, 2020

14 year old Lulu is talking about her permaculture journey on Zanzibar, how learning from Matt Powers and taking Morag Gamble’s PDC permaculture course are empowering experiences.
It is VITAL that if this great work will continue, our youth need to feel empowered.

Please click the link to the interview:

covid-19: Soap for the Producers

April 12, 2020

DADAZanzibar food&cosmetics cooperative ‘Upishi Mama Matemwe’:
Last production before shut down was 2.5 kg soap for each of the 48 members of the cooperative, to use at home due to the corona crisis.

DadaZanzibar Permaculture Report 2020

March 19, 2020

Please click on this link: DadaZanzibar Permaculture REPORT 2020

01 title report 2020

Global #ClimateAction now!

November 6, 2019

Dear people of planet Earth,
This is a climate emergency.
Let’s act like it, before it’s too late.
– Yours,
11,000 very concerned scientists

Celebrate by planting trees!

October 3, 2019

very good idea from Leah Namugerwa in Uganda:

“Last week I gave 100 #Birthdaytrees to Mr. Muwanguzi. This week I am going to give 200 to two people who have decided to celebrate their birthdays by planting trees.

I call upon more people to do the same. If you have no trees to plant, I’ve them. DM me now”

Dada Permaculture in Matemwe

October 3, 2019

Three more (!) people from Matemwe, Zanzibar finished a two week long Permaculture course at Practical Permaculture Institute Zanzibar, PPIZ .
And continued… attending a two week follow-up workshop, for practical implementation of regenerative agriculture on location.
The seminar was held in Matemwe at DadaZanzibar by teachers John and Antje. Attendants were certified Permaculture students, the Dada cooperatives and interested villagers.

Thank you so much PPIZ team, for your continuous support of Dada Permaculture in Matemwe!

Permaculture lecture with teacher John. Attendants are certified permaculture students, DadaZanzibar cooperatives and interested villagers. — at Matemwe.

Teacher John lecturing about compost.

Teacher John demonstrates compost making.

Accessing coral rag farming grounds in the villages.  Matemwe, Zanzibar.