contact: +255(0)777 466304

banner Dada
DADA- Delicacies & Wholesome Food
spices – tea – snacks – sweets – honey – syrups – jams – chutneys – mustards – sauces – pasta – gnocchi – yoghurt – muesli – bread – bread mix – flour – cakes – cookies
DADA – eCosmetics
natural beauty and wellness products – hotel bath an beauty amenities – natural skin care and spa products – aroma therapy – mozzi repellents – houshold laundry goods – gifts and souvenirs …. AND MORE THAN SIXTY DIFFERENT natural beauty soaps
All products are Made in Zanzibar by women co-ops.


2 Responses to “contact: +255(0)777 466304”

  1. Atelier IDDI Says:


    Through a vriend of mine (gwen tauber) I have got this email address (she knows Rainer Vierkötter und Antje Förstle).

    My name is Zuhura Iddi from the Netherlands and 8 – 10 feb I will be visiting Stone Town. I would love to visit you to hear about your project. I am a painting conservator in the Netherlands. My partner is engaged in the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) and I would like to bring him some news about Zanzibar when I come home.

    This will be my first trip to the place my (late) father came form.I would love to meet inspiring people.

    I hope we can keep in touch.

    Zuhura Iddi

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