SIXTY (60!) different kinds of NATURAL BEAUTY SOAPS

DADA proudly presents:
Handmade Natural Beauty Soaps carved with traditional Zanzibari patterns.

Available at the MOTO Shop   Hurumzi Str. 416   Stonetown   Zanzibar

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5 Responses to “SIXTY (60!) different kinds of NATURAL BEAUTY SOAPS”

  1. emma windsor Says:

    Love your cinnamon and chocolate soap

  2. Carmen Garcia Says:

    Hola quiero mas información de como comprar sus productos.
    En 2010 estuve en Zanzibar y compre jabones y son fantásticos, quiero saber si yo compro si los pueden enviar a España (Barcelona) ?

  3. Shafeeque Says:

    Hi, I am in Dar es Salam. Do you have any stores in Dar Es salam where I can get your products? I am flying back this weekend.

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