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Dada Zanzibar – kazini

October 2, 2015

This morning at Dada Zanzibar:

dada Fatima Amina Ayeshi

Bi Amina, Bi Ayeshi and Bi Fatima bring a fresh batch of Natural Beauty Soaps.

The soaps are cut and stored properly to cure for six weeks.

dada Ayeshi Fatima

Dada on excursion with Safari Blue

January 26, 2010

Thanx to Eleanor Griplas we've been invited to present Dada and Moto products to a big group of visitors.

Safari Blue took 300 guests on a boat excursion to an island in the Menai Bay Conservation Area.

After snorkelling and delicious dinner the guests took a stroll along the stands with original Zanzibar products.

Dada Baobab Jam caught most attention and was our best selling product of the day.

Baobab Jam is available at the Moto Shop in Stone Town, Zanzibar, Hurumzi Street 146 or at MIGOZ Supermarket, Airport Road