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November 7, 2013

dada on safari

Dada product development in KIDOTI

February 6, 2013

The KIDOTI women’s cooperative exists since twenty years. Twenty rural women are running a small business, producing soap selling it to shops and hotels in northern Unguja.

In 2011, during the first Dada session with the Kidoti women a marketable, contemporary range of soaps was developed based on the group’s pre-existant products and raw materials locally available. The group’s new soap range was branded “Kidoti”.
In a successive Dada session in 2012, the soap packaging was finalized. The combination of a high quality printed label and natural banana leaf has resulted in a product both ethnic and contemporary.
Voila, who says we in Zanzibar can’t make soap?

Kidoti soaps samples have been placed in Lodges in the Northern circuit for market research.
Kidoti soaps available at the Dada/Moto shop in Zanzibar, Stown Town, Hurumzi Street 416
… or through ASILIA, please contact Saidi +255 778183737 

Kidoti project funded by