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today: Baobab Mustard

July 26, 2016

Baobab mustard is mild, fruity with a lemonly touch- an exciting combination of the whole seeds of brown Indian mustard, vinegar and fresh baobab fruit pulp.
The mustard seeds are carefully ground and immediately mixed with the cidre vinegar to preserve their naturally sharp flavour and high content of unsaturated oil and protein.
Enjoy with meat, sausages or on sandwiches.

baobab1 baobab-mustard-hands-aminaWhy Use Baobab?
Below are some vital facts about Baobab fruit powder
▪    10 x the antitoxidant level of oranges
▪    6 x more Vitamin C than oranges
▪    6 x more antitoxidants than cranberries, blueberries and blackberries
▪    6 x more potassium than a banana
▪    2 x more antitoxidants than goji berries
▪    More iron than read meat
▪    More magnesium than spinach
▪    More than twice the calcium level of milk
▪    Valuable aid in the prevention and treatment of gastric and IBS disorders
▪    Effective in treating osteoporosis, varicose veins and haemorrhoids
▪    Beneficial to anaemics, anorexics, smokers and athletes.
▪    Excellent ingredient in diets for diabetics (notably type II Diabetes).
▪    Displays antioxidant capacity by fighting against the formation of free radicals
▪    Ideal in pre-biotic formulations, and stimulates the intestinal micro flora.
▪    Great complement in diets for celiac diseases.
▪    Good for vegans and vegetarians.
▪    Antiviral properties.
▪    Energy Booster.
▪    Gluten free and ready-to-mix.