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new arrivals: Goats – Mbuzi

March 13, 2021

Today we’ve got two beautiful white goats, one already pregnant. Looking forward for natural grass-cropping, natural goat-dung fertilizers, and Dada goat-milk-cheese production!

Forest regeneration

January 9, 2021

We are regenerating coral thicket and are creating productive agricultural systems with it

Experience from our work for Chumbe Island, Ungujaa and Misali Island, Pemba on how an ecosystem can recover put into practice. The natural forest has become a local biodiversity hub.

These satellite photos of our site in Matemwe (2020 and 2007) document the evolution from degraded coral rag into a natural forest and living ecosystem within thirteen years.

Satellite photos of our site 2020 and 2007 (please click on the photo)

‘seeds of tao’ podcast: An Invitation to Permaculture for and by the youth with Lulu

August 18, 2020

14 year old Lulu is talking about her permaculture journey on Zanzibar, how learning from Matt Powers and taking Morag Gamble’s PDC permaculture course are empowering experiences.
It is VITAL that if this great work will continue, our youth need to feel empowered.

Please click the link to the interview: