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Virgin Palm Oil for DADA Cosmetic Products

April 19, 2022
Amina, one of the leaders of the MamaMatemwe cooperative examines a consignment of Virgin Palm Oil delivered from Tanga, Tanzania.

Forest regeneration

January 9, 2021

We are regenerating coral thicket and are creating productive agricultural systems with it

Experience from our work for Chumbe Island, Ungujaa and Misali Island, Pemba on how an ecosystem can recover put into practice. The natural forest has become a local biodiversity hub.

These satellite photos of our site in Matemwe (2020 and 2007) document the evolution from degraded coral rag into a natural forest and living ecosystem within thirteen years.

Satellite photos of our site 2020 and 2007 (please click on the photo)

Preserve heat with ‘hot’ basket

January 4, 2021


January 4, 2021

Lulu baked a delicious banana/chocolate cake on our solar cooker

plant a tree – and sing the Permaculture ABC

October 8, 2020

The #permaculture ABC
first plant a tree
then one two three
the birds the bees and you and me
we can not live without a tree

we care for Mother Earth
we care for people
and we share
we follow Mother Nature
and live happy everywhere

Earth care. People care. Fair share. Future care.

Dada Permaculture in Matemwe

October 3, 2019

Three more (!) people from Matemwe, Zanzibar finished a two week long Permaculture course at Practical Permaculture Institute Zanzibar, PPIZ .
And continued… attending a two week follow-up workshop, for practical implementation of regenerative agriculture on location.
The seminar was held in Matemwe at DadaZanzibar by teachers John and Antje. Attendants were certified Permaculture students, the Dada cooperatives and interested villagers.

Thank you so much PPIZ team, for your continuous support of Dada Permaculture in Matemwe!

Permaculture lecture with teacher John. Attendants are certified permaculture students, DadaZanzibar cooperatives and interested villagers. — at Matemwe.

Teacher John lecturing about compost.

Teacher John demonstrates compost making.

Accessing coral rag farming grounds in the villages.  Matemwe, Zanzibar.


Climate Catastrophe

September 28, 2019

DadaZanzibar works up on the Matemwe ridge in regenerative agriculture following permaculture principles. We are learning to adept to the challenge of climate catastrophe, develop strategies for foodsecurity once the beach dwellers will have to relocate.

@UtupoaUpepo wrote:
“This Zanzibar community will be among the first to pay for the polluting profligacy of other nations. Homes will be uprooted, fish stocks depleted and entire ecosystems collapsing. No words can can describe the injustice.”…/climate-change-oceans-united-nati…


DADA Foot Scrub – give your feet a treat!

December 21, 2010


DADA  Foot Scrub is also available with  baobab seed husk/sweet basil and with turmeric/ginger.
Hurumzi Str. 416
Stone Town

Visitors welcome!

December 7, 2009

Please visit the Dada women cooperatives at work. Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 10:00 to 1:00. At the Kituo cha Jua in Matemwe, Zanzibar, Tanzania.