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Dada at Fumba Town’s KwetuKwenu Market

November 9, 2020

Bi Hayeshi and Bi Fatma, both cooperative leaders, presented and sold delicious and all natural Dada products on the KwetuKwenu market in Fumba Town.

Feta cheese, Halloumi, Mozzarella, Jam, Chutney, Mustard, Honey, Flour, Pasta and Beauty Soaps were some of the products our happy customers liked.


January 14, 2013

Dada Jam Session2013

latest news

October 3, 2009

baobabjam blogToday we made BAOBAB JAM and SPICY TOMATO JAM, most of which is commissioned by Matemwe (Retreat and Bungalows). For the Tomato Jam we even got great feedback on TripAdvisor, probably the first time a jam was actually mentioned as a travel highlight.

We also prepared our own organically grown papayas today to be in the solar dryers. If it stays as sunny as most days, we can take them out Monday and seal them for freshness.

From Thursday they will be available at the Moto shop in Hurumzi, Stonetown, Zanzibar. Karibuni.

cut papaya

clean papaya

gigngermustard blogAnd our two volunteers were busy labelling the new batch of Ginger Mustard and Date Mustard.

The volunteers made their first solar bread a few days ago in the solar oven. Please have a look at the volunteer page